Chocolate and coconut bites :: Mordiscos de cocholate y coco

There are many studies about chocolate and the way they make you feel better. But as I'm economist and I don't understand a word about science (honestly, I don't care either) I just eat chocolate and feel wonderful. Actually we neeeeed to eat some chocolate after dinner to feel the meal has completed.
The other day I was reading a book about chocolate that my boyfriend gave me for my birthday last year (and he has been begging me over and over to cook something from it) and I found a very simple recipe to make our night chocolate bites much tasty ;)

Ingredients (10-14 units)

  • 200 gr dark chocolate
  • 125 gr almonds
  • 50 gr shredded coconut


Grab a bowl and break the chocolate into pieces. They don't need to be small at all, I just followed the squares the chocolate bars are divided into. Then, choose a pot where the bowl might fit. Fill it in with water. Be careful because you will have to introduce the bowl in the pot so if you add too much water it might pour. Let the water boil and the chocolate melt.

As you can see, I used a bowl with no handle which means that taking it off from the boiling water was a nightmare: I was burning my hands, I decided to use a clothe but didn't work it because it got wet so boiling again and I even tried with cooking calipers...I ended up burning my hand but, oh well.

Meanwhile, take the almonds (I used unpeeled ones) and make small pieces of it. I did with my hands but you can quickly smash it with a mortar or something similar. Cover the almonds with the melted chocolate.

Add the coconut and mix it all together. The result is a kind of liquid mixture because the chocolate is still warm so cover the container and put in the freezer for 10 minutes.

After that time, you will see the chocolate mixture is more consistent so you can work with it. To make the chocolate bites you just need 1 spoon. Cover a tray or another container with
greaseproof paper. 

Take 1 spoon of the mixture and place it in the tray. Do the same until you have finished with all the chocolate.
Put the bites in the freezer for 1 hour minimum until you decide you eat it. 

The final touch is adding some more coconut on top of the chocolate bites as a decoration and you've got it!! Isn't it easy Spanish Kitchenetters?


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