Cooking Gadgets: My new kettle

Black and stylish; my new teapot is placed in my kitchen as if it was the most valuable piece. It matches perfectly with the rest of the domestic appliances since they are black color (I used to have a white kitchen before moving to the new house). Now, I would just love to have the perfect victorian kitchen to place it there.

Anyways, the new teapot has got its place. I feel sorry for the 100 kr swedish teapot and I have to say it worked perfectly during more than 3 years now. Although I will keep it away, I'm using the kettle from now on.

 The old swedish kettle vs. the new Klarstein one

Something I don't like is that it is quite heavy, especialy when you are just boiling water for one cup of tea.
But the thing I love the most is when serving the boiling water: it doesn't spill and the teapot is always dry in the outside. No more wiping after every use!

Now, let's have a cup of tea and relax ourselves with the new Klarstein kettle!

P.D: Thanks to  Tea Time In Wonderland for the contest in her website. This is how I won the kettle :)


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