Pork loin and green pepper open sandwich :: Montadito de lomo y pimiento verde

"Pepito" is the popular name of this spanish open sandwich. There are different versions of this original sandwich but the truth is that his earliest reference dates from the postwar years in Spain. Around the mid-50s, there could have been a regular costumer of a bar that could have been named Pepe or "Don Pepito" (it is the more familiar name) and asked for a sandwich with a beef steak.  
This sandwich request was regularly repeated by the same Pepito until the bar costumers were asking, "I want a sandwich like Pepito", and eventually were asking only: "A beef pepito !".

One of these versions is the pork loin and green pepper, one of my favourite ones ever!

Enjoy and, un pepito, por favor! (a pepito, please!)

Ingredients (2 units)
  • 2 slices of bread
  • 2 sliced pork loin
  • 50 gr. of green pepper
  • Grated manchego cheese
  • Salt
  • Black pepper

We will start by washing the green pepper, cutting it into strips and cooking them slowly. Then,put it aside.
Now, season the pork and fry in the same pan as the olive oil has got the green pepper taste so it will be delicious!
In my opinion, a pepito tastes better with some good Manchego cheese on the top so cut a piece of it, grate and reserve.

Now we have got all the ingredients and we're ready to assemble our pepito.

Grab a slice of bread (toasted is much better!), soak it in the pan where you have previously fried the pepper and the loin and start piling everything up. 

First, put a slice of pork loin and, then, cover it with the pepper. 

And the cheese, do not forget it! ;-)

Now, you have your pepito, your open sandwich or your tapa! Make as many as you want and enjoy your spanish bite!


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