My dreamed kitchen :: Mi cocina soñada

We, spaniards, live in small appartments. Or at least I do. My kitchen isn't bigger than 10m2. I am also renting so I can't re-do the whole kitchen as I would love to. Everything together is far away from my dreamed kitchen.

However, if I could ever build my own kitchen...

... I would have an isle. I don't know if they are as useful as we all think, but they mean to me a good place to gather with your family and friends while the chef in charge of the meals is cooking.

Kitchen 1 from Delikatissen
Kitchen 2 from Southern Living

... I would have it in white theme. I just LOVE IT

Kitchen 3 from Reloved Rubbish
Kitchen 4 from Décor de Provence

... I would build efficient and useful cabinets to store everything in the easiest way (preventing stunts and tricks in the kitchen)
Kitchen 5 from Heather Bullad
Kitchen 6 from Pinterest

So, does your dreamed kitchen look quitesimilar to mine?


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