What to eat for Easter in Spain :: Qué comer durante la Semana Santa en España

Along these almost 2 years of blogging and cooking ( or should I say cooking and blogging?) and I have tried to show you what we eat in our kitchen. In our Spanish Kitchenette. And what makes me more proud: to show you our daily Spanish food.

I consider Spain a country that is expert in celebrating any holiday with food and, to this end, we chose a particular type of food. Easter is around the corner and guess what: we have traditional food to celebrate it! Keep reading and your mouth will be watering real soon...
Recipe here

Battered lemon leaves :: Paparajotes are a typical dessert of Murcia's made with lemon leaves coated with a dough made with flour and egg basically being fried and sprinkled with powdered sugar and cinnamon.

Recipe here

Spanish french toasts :: Torrijas is the Spanish name for French toasts that we start eating when Easter approaches.

Recipe here

Spanish sweet fritters :: Catalan traditional sweets that we eat for Easter. The most famous ones are those of wind and cream. They are often eaten as a snack or with coffee after dinner. However, they are a typical dessert in many regions of the country.

Recipe here

Sugared almonds :: Although you can find them at any fair, I remember eating them especially during Easter.

Now that you are having some days off (and so do your kids) go into the kitchen and enjoy cooking some good Spanish sweets. Happy Easter !


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