How to make your kitchen smell good :: Cómo hacer que tu cocina huela bien

Although I would LOVE to have an open concept kitchen I am terrified about smell. I have a separated kitchen with a door that looks perfectly. However, depending on the food I am cooking I can smell it anywhere in the house. I don't know how but the smell seeps into every corner (no mention to the clothes you decide to cook with: you better throw them away to the washing machine right after finishing!).

That's why I have handy fresheners in my kitchen and living room. I have tried SO MANY  but candles are my favourite ones. Why not use sprays or incense?

1) SPRAYS: are the worst for your lungs. I remember a friend (biologist) who once told me that if you compare two X-rays of a person before and after being in a room with artificial air freshener, you are surprised how contaminated their lungs are. Conclusion: NOT GOOD. However, I use them (from Mercadona) when the smell is so intense such as fried fish. 

2) INCENSE: Too messy for me. If it is summer and you have open windows, it can go anywhere with a simple air flow.

3) CANDLES: for me the best way to fresh up the air and get rid off the smell. I have tried way so many ones. From the bazar, through Ikea's until the most expensive ones. For the time being, the only ones working for them are these two brands: Lothantique 's and Mr. Wonderful 's. (Average price 15€, I don't consider spending more money on a candle, honestly).
As soon as you light these candles, you can feel the smell.

Now, if you have any other way to get rid off the bad smell of your house, please, SHARE ! I would love to know :-) 


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