Brunch & Cake Barcelona

So here I am opening and new "label" of my restaurants reviews (only me which means that these posts are going to be in English and not in Swedish because my boyfriend and I not always agree ;)
Obviously most of the reviews will be based on restaurants from Barcelona (it's where I do live). However, thanks to my job I have to travel around Spain so you will read ones from all over the country.

Last weekend I met my friends for a brunch. I have to tell you that I'm so thankful the brunch concept arrived in Spain because it allows me to meet people quite early in the morning and not wait till 2 pm after they got up from bed and are starving for a huge heavy meal. 
Anyways... we met at Brunch&Cake Barcelona restaurant. It was love at first sight from the first moment. I loved the decoration: everything white, everything clean, everything cozy & warm that invited onself to stay there forever and eat like there was no end in the world.

I have to tell you, though, that it's a very small place that mainly has got a row with many small tables for two people so one has to sit down in front of the other one. The problem is that the restaurant wants to maximize the room till the point that 3 persons sit in a 2 people table and...eeehhh... no way, I must say. 

Despite this small detail, everything else went perfectly! The menu is based on sandwiches & salads but they mix everything together and offer you nice and original plates called 'Combos'. 
A 'Combo' usually has 2 different dishes and 1 side dish. They cost you from 7 to 10 € approximately. You should add the drink (they have nice juices!) and the dessert. 

Desserts: they say they make one of the best cupcakes of Barcelona. Sorry about that but I have to tell you that I had better ones. However, the cakes looked really nice too although we didn't have any.

Brunch & Cakes Barcelona really surprised me because the staff were really nice people and the food was really good. The best? it's a cool trendy place right now, spotted in the city center with a really fashion calm audience and good value for money.

Brunch & Cake Barcelona
c/ Enric Granados, 19
@ Trip Advisor


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