Crudités with yogurt dipping sauce :: Crudités con yogurt

A few weeks ago we organized a small party at home with some friends. I made some new snacks and, beyond my expectations, the ones they loved were the crudités! So here I am cooking it for you and, oh well, for my boyfriend that he couldn't eat a piece and he was claiming it for days now! ;)


1 greek yogurt
3 gr parsley
1 gr black pepper
1/2 lemon juice
15 gr mayonnaise
Red pepper


Empty the yogurt right away in a bowl. Add the parsley and the black pepper. Mix it a little bit and add the salt. The quantities of the parsley, black pepper and salt are easy to be changed depending on your own preferences. 
Now add the lemon juice and mix it again. At this point you will see what kind of texture you have. It mostly depends on the yogurt you choose: how much fat it has got. So here is the trick: normaly it isn't dense enough to dip the vegetables so to make it more dense add the mayonnaise and mixt it for 2 minutes with an ordinary spoon. Put the bowl to the fridge at once.
Leave the yogurt sauce there until you decide to eat it.

When you feel like having crudités is time to cut the vegetables! Peel the cucumber and cut into strips of 10 cm long per 1 cm wide. 
Do the same exercise for the red pepper and the carrot.
ALMOST DONE! Take some minutes to display the crudités nicely in your table. On one hand, I put the vegetables in a crystal large container so you can see what you are going to grab, and on the other hand I put the yogurt sauce in a bowl so everybody can freely dip in.

And…voilá! Enjoy youselves Spanish Kitchenetters!


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