"Escalibada" (Catalan vegetable medley)

  • 2 red peppers
  • 2 eggplants
  • bread
  • 1 branch tomato
  • olive oil
  • salt
First of all, we want to make everything easy before and after cooking it, right? And it also includes washing the dishes! So, take the baking tray and cover it with aluminum foil. With a brush, spread some olive oil on the tray to avoid the peppers and the eggplants to get stuck to the aluminum foil.
Place both red peppers and both eggplants on the tray and put it right away in the oven. Switch it on to 150oC, up and down, for at least 1,5 hours. After 45 minutes, flip the vegetables to cook the other side.
As you can see, they are really cooked and also very hot so be carefull and let the peppers and eggplants to cool down (20 minutes approx.) once you take them out from the oven.
Then, with your hands grab 1 red pepper and start peeling it. You will see you don't need a knife because the skin peels off easily from the meat. As you peel the pepper, make strips with its meat and place it in a vessel. Do exactly the same with the eggplants.
Now you could finish here (and you have the perfecte vegetables for a main course: meat or fish) or you can make a popular catalan tapa. There we go! grab 2 slices of bread (remember you can make your own bread here) and toast them. Take a tomato and cut in half. Now get one half, squeeze it a litte bit and scrub over the bread. Add some olive oil and hey! you have "pan con tomate" (<---bread with tomato in the spanish way). Add now strips of red pepper and eggplants on the bread until you get your own flag ;)
And there you go! another tapa for your spanish cooking book, kitchenetter!!


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