Newborn Cake :: Pastel de recién nacido

This is a very special recipe, with very valued ingredients (I didn't know diapers were that expensive!) and for a very special receiver (my first and only nephew :)

  • 72 diapers 
  • 72 elastics
  • 3 cardstocks of different colors
  • 1 cardboard
  • 2 straws
  • glue
  • 1 ribbon
  • 1 cellophane
  • 1 scissors

First of all you have to choose how big you want to make your cake. So, let's start by picking the cardboard and make the base of the cake that means drawing a circumference. Mine had a 20 cm radius. Then draw the first layer of the cake which should have 5 cm less than the base (mine, then, had a 15 cm radius). And, after that, make the same for the second and last layer of the cake which had a radius of 10 cm. Note: I know it's hard to deal with cm and circumferences so, choose 3 different sizes of plates and help you by using them as a template to draw the 3 circumferences.
Cut the 3 circumferences and it's shown in the pictures.
Once you have the skeleton for your cake, take the cardstocks and draw 3 different circumferences the same size each for the 3 previous carton ones you cut.
Now you have 3 different color circumferences. Each colored one matches with 1 of the 3 different sizes of carton circumferences, right? So now grab the glue and paste the cardstocks of each color to its carton. Note: buy a good glue, not like mine that made the paper wet and, in the end, there were some waves showing up (as you see in the pictures).
With the rest of the cardstocks draw 3 strips of waves (8 cms wide each preferably)
Take each line of waves and match it with the circumference of the same color. Put glue around the perimeter of each strip and paste it with its base up to getting the 3 completed layers of your cake: base, first floor and second top floor. Make a hole in the center of each base with the tip of the scissor.
Now it's time for the filling! It's very simple: grab one diaper and roll it. Take one elastic to hold the rolled diaper. Put the elastic at one end. Make the same for the rest of the diapers considering you should fill 3 different layers
With all the diapers rolled, fill in the layers of the cake (notice that the waves hide the end of the diaper that has got the elastic) and pile them one above the other. Get 1 straw and pass it through the center of the 3 holes to connect the layers and avoid falling down. Now you could either finish here or make your personal touch (I did the last thing ;)
I got some different colored markers and decorated the cake (I decided to put the name of my nephew and his birth day)
We are almost done! Take the cellophane and wrap the cake and tie the paper with the ribbon making a nice bow tie.

I know you cannot eat this cake but I'm sure you are also going to like it!

Time for you Spanish Kitchenetters!

** I had some help thank to Artesanies (Spanish) / BabyStepShower (English)


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