Cooking Gadgets

To be honest with you, I’m quite against cooking machines such as thermomix and those stuffs. Actually, since 2 years ago I was whipping cream “by
hand”: container with ice, liquid cream, sugar and moving my arm crazily!
It happened until my mom gave me a machine that only takes 10 minutes.
However, although I know it’s easier and it really saves lot of time, I
still feel in my heart I’m kind of cheating (silly, right?)

Anyways, here I’m showing you X things that make my life much easier and I
actually think they are really cool. Most of them were presents; otherwise,
I doubt I have ever bought them.

Let’s start!

"CAKE-TESTER": This is a steel stick to check if the inside of your cakes
are done or not. If you introduce the stick into the cake and comes out
absolutely dry, then it’s cooked. On the opposite, if it comes out with
food scraps stuck then you need more time. Before having it I was using
wooden sticks (the ones I use to make brochettes). It was ok, and it was
cheap but it wasn’t as hygienic as the steel stick and I had to use a new
stick for every prick.
I got this in Åhlens,in Göteborg (Sweden)

Price: 5€

JAR OPENER:  The first thing I thought was: “this is just silly and will
remain useless in the kitchen drawer forever”. I have to say my boyfriend
was the first one to say: “this thing will make our life easier and will
stop you to open jars as if you were killing someone” and destroying
knives, I should add too. And honestly, I use it A LOT. And it means A LOT.
We try to buy thing in crystal jars rather than in cans so imagine how many
ones I can open with this machine.

Price: 6€

MINI PEPPER RICE COOKER:  I have to confess that I don’t know to cook rice.
Not how to but TO COOK it: I never get the exact point of it and it either
is raw or overcooked rice. The limit came once I bought premium tuna and
really good salmon to make makis and the rice end up overcooked and sticky.
I almost cry. So I just stopped cooking rice until we found this little
salvation in Privalia. It is AMAZING.PERFECT. It makes PERFECT RICE for me.
It’s only 8-10 minutes and you have it.

Price: 19€

And the last thing is:

DROP STOP (wine): If you are sick of letting the last drop going directly
to your table cloth, buy this thing. I promise you won’t hand wash ever
again because of serving the wine. It really absorbs the last drop that
might slip by the bottle.

Price: 3€

What about you, do you have any special cooking gadget?


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