Yogurt & Orange cocktail

I'm not too fan of cocktails (and yes, this is a recipe about them haha). It is because I always find myself buying different bottles of alcohol, syrups and other stuffs and just using a few milliliters of each product. What happens after all? Everything either expires or is buried away somewhere in the kitchen.

But here I'm going to give you a great non-alcoholic cocktail made with ingredients that I'm sure you all have in your kitchen!


* 200 ml of squeezed orange juice
* 20 gr of honey
* 75 gr of natural yogurt (without sugar)
* 0,5 ml of cinnamon
* Ice

Squeeze the oranges. I needed 2 up to having 200 ml. Transfer the orange juice to the shaker. Add the honey and the yogurt. 

Right away get some ice cubes and introduce them into the shaker and... SHAKE IT, SHAKE IT! 
You have to keep doing it for at least 5 minutes because you need to get it cold and, also, make the ingredients mix all together.

Serve the beverage in two glasses and had some cinnamon on the top. 

When I made it to my boyfriend he was like: "Ehem, yogurt and orange, are you sure? Maybe there is too much cinnamon." Obviously, he was rambling because when he tasted it he just said it is scrumptious.

Do not miss it and try this cocktail, perfect for the summer season!


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