My Top #3 WINES

Wine. I’m a wine lover and I know about wine. I’m not a sommelier or a producer either but I know what wine I like the most. And here is the main point. Ladies and gentlemen, many people might tell you what is the best wine in the world, why you have to choose this wine instead of the other one, if this wine matches perfectly with this food, what wine you have to buy for the perfect romantic date, and so on. I say: buy, choose, drink the wine you like no matters if it’s white or red, if it’s from La Rioja or New Zeland, if it’s super expensive or not. This is one of the best advices I ever had about wine. 

Since then, I changed my mind. I stopped reading about wine, merlot against garnacha, and l also stopped listening to sommeliers (note: I know they are professionals but since I’m not, when I listened to them and none of them concluded in the same opinion, it was difficult to me to picture out anything, it was just confusing!)

Tasting as many wines as I could ever had in my hands was what I did. How to make it?

· BUY WINE: essential and main point. Picture a budget, choose a store and buy it.
· MAKE OTHER BUY WINE: When having a dinner with a group of people, make someone else to choose the wine
· ATTEND TO WINE TRADES SHOWS your town: if you want to know more about Spanish wines, visit the Spanish Wine Trade Shows and Events.

This is at least what I do! And it works because you start picking what variety is this and that
and which one you like the most. Also, you can start comparing wines among the same variety and score them.
For example, in my case the conclusion is: I’m a white wine lover, mostly chardonnay &
godello.  However, it doesn’t mean I don’t like a good Ribera del Duero D.O wine.

But here I’m going to show you my TOP 3 wines:  a white, a red and a rosé.

Good with: All kinds of hors-d'oeuvres, shellfish and fish.
Tasting notes: Cool, refreshing attack with a unique fruit emphasis, good acidity later mellowed during inbottle aging, unctuosity, and body that complete this wine in addition to a long, intense aftertaste, with fruit evocations, enabling it to prosper in the bottle.

Good with: Excellent as an aperitif or cured meat (e.g.ham, sausages and salami), and many pasta and vegetable dishes.
Tasting notes: A full-flavoured wine with a delicate fruity acidity and outstanding floral flavours (reminiscent of violet and orange blossom). The aftertaste is long and smooth, with excellent balance.

Good with: Idiazabal, smoked Manchego, Pecorino Stagionato, Ragusano from Sicily.
Tasting notes: Dark ripe cherry colour with hints of purple. Its bouquet of red berries combines perfectly with vanilla. Silky, smooth and balanced to the palate with a long aftertaste.

What is your top #3?


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