Chicken wings with wasabi :: Alitas de pollo con wasabi

Ingredients (2 px)

- 4 chicken wings

- 2 spoons of sweet mustard
- 2 teaspoons of wasabi ( if you buy wasabi powder)
- 50 gr of breadcrumbs
- olive oil


I just had 4 wings because we wanted them to be the second course of our home-menu. First, make sure you clean them very well. By cleaning I mean getting rid off the "nasty" hairs. Then, batter the chicken in breadcrumbs and place them on the oven tray. Cook them for 15-20 minutos 200ºC.
Meanwhile, you can start preparing the sauce. Mix 2 spoons of mustard with 2 teaspoons of wasabi. I always buy the Blue Dragon wasabi paste, which is 3,5 - 4 € depending on the supermarket you buy it (you can find it in ElCorteIngles, Carrefour, or in Carritus.com . Mind you that wasabi is very spicy so just add the right amount of it.
Daub with the wasabi sauce only 1 side of each chicken wing. Display them again on the oven tray (I used a container because the paper I used before was too oily) and cook them again for 5-10 minutes.
And voilà! My dear boyfriend tried them before I did and his first reaction was: WOW, MY MOUTH IS BURNING! but after the first bite he really liked them, and they were nicely spicy. So here is another kind of exotic recipe to make ordinary meats different ;)
Hope you enjoy them, Spanish Kitcheneters!

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