Spanish chorizo makis :: Makis de chorizo español

I was looking for finger food for my little cousin's birthday party when I saw a makis picture. I was about to post how I make sushi at home (as some of you might know we have our friday sushi night at home ;) but then I thought you might already know how to do it. Then I wondered myself what we, spaniards, might fill the sushi makis with spanish products and voilà! this idea of the chorizo rolls came to my mind. I tried it out and worked, so here you have the recipe:

  • 60 gr of onion
  • 60 gr of chorizo
  • 20 ml of olive oil
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 tomato
  • A pinch of salt

First of all we'll make our spanish soy sauce ;) Wash the tomato and peel it. Grate the tomato and add 10 ml of olive oil and a pinch of salt. Mix it all together and reserve.

Now, time for the spanish makis.

Step 1: the filling
Let's begin with the onion because it takes a little bit longer to be done. Chop it and add 10 ml of olive oil in the saucepan. Heat it and cook the onion low temperature. Cut the chorizo into pieces. 

They might have the same size the onion pieces have. The smaller you make them the better to cut the makis later on.
Now, add the chorizo in the pan with the onion. You will quickly notice the scrumptious smell of chorizo all over your kitchen !

Step 2: the seaweed
This step is as easy as making creppes but with only eggs! Beat the eggs. If you are not familiar with the recipe beat one egg in one container and the other one in the other container so you will be able to take 2 seaweed from the whole beaten egg. Grab another pan (or clean the one you used before) and add a little of olive oil (5ml) and heat it. Pour 1 previously beaten egg there and cook it. Flip it to cook the other side. Do the same with the second egg.

Step 3: rolling and making makis
Extend the omelette-creppe-seaweed in a plate. Put the filling in the middle of it and roll it! You should get a roll like in the picture. Cut into pieces.

Now open a good wine (red or white, you choose ;), soak the chorizo makis into the tomato sauce and you have got the perfect dinner!


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