Beauty in the kitchen :: Belleza en la cocina

When you have a delicated face skin like mine, you cannot use all the beauty products you would love to. You always can go through natural skin products but when you are running against your wrinkle, I don't feel they work as well as some other from laboratory.
However, you can combine them: natural & laboratory one. AND some of these amazing natural treatments are in YOUR KITCHEN! Oh yes.

I love reading ALL KIND of blogs. Some of you, guys, have great blogs outta here and I have been doing trial and error with some things especially with all those natural tips you recommend.
The most amazing finding has been how many ingredients in your kitchen work fine in your skin.

Here is my favourite skin scrub that comes directly from my kitchen!

  • 2 tsp of oat bran 
  • 1 tsp of almond oil


Easy as mixing both ingredients. The result is a paste that you can easily manipulate. 

Take a little bit, split the dough between your hands and apply it on your face in circular motions. Scrub for 2-5 minutes and you are done. 
Then, wash you face and you will feel how smooth your face is!

You can use it also for your body, but make sure to cook more quantity of it ;)


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