Chickpea stew :: Garbanzos estofados

It's almost November and we don't see a hint of autumn in Barcelona. However, we must be ready for that kind of crazy-freezing-weather where we change sandals for boots in less than 1 day.

Because of that, I'm starting to take out the arsenal to warm up our inside. When winter comes I can only visualize chickpeas everywhere.

This is my master, easy, quick, healthy recipe. My dear boyfriend adds some bacon too but you know I have to look after my body haha.

Ingredients (2 people)

  • 500 gr of chickpeas 
  • 200 gr of crushed tomato
  • 100 gr of onion
  • 30 cl of white wine.
  • 2 spoons of olive oil
  • A pinch of salt
  • A pinch of black pepper

I always choose pre-cooked chickpeas that come in a bottle. If you prefer the plain ones, follow these steps.

First of all, chop the whole onion. I always use sweet onion because I feel it more tasty and it doesn't make me cry at all. Now, add the olive oil to the pan and heat it. Then, add the onion and, immediately, lower the temperature to the minimum and let the onion cook slowly for 10-15 minutes.

Once the onion has got a yellow color, add the tomato. Now, let's raise the heat to the maximum again to evaporate the water of the tomato. Add the salt and the pepper. It will take 5 minutes more or less. 

Meanwhile, open the jar of chickpeas and pour them in a strainer. Although they are already washed, they've got kind of sticky gelatine that I personally don't like (I suppose it is for conservation, isn't it?). Anyways, I wash them again until I don't see either the gelation or the bubbles.
Now, add the chickpeas to the tomato sauce and low the temperature to medium heat again. 
Lots of up and down with the heat but each step needs extra care ;) 


After 2 minutes all the food is already hot so it's time for the wine! Pour it and now we need to evaporate part of the acohol so let's raise the heat to the maximum. 
It will take 10 minutes to the job to be done.

You will see the tomato has become a sauce again so it is the time to serve and enjoy it!

Font: myself :)


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