Barcelona Tapas Tour

 This summer, when we were planning our holidays, we had lot of DO-NOT-MISS suggestions and recommendations: go to visit this museum, enter in this church, etc. Back from our last destinations, a relative asked us: did you go to the museum I told you? Our answer was NO and loads of YOU-ARE-CRAZY-IT-IS-A-MUST words fell on us. Our answer was: we only stand in a queue for a good place to eat.

Yes, we are basic people that LOVE eating (ok, you can also call us SIMPLE ones ;) Obviously we have a budget constraint that doesn't let us going out as much as we would love to so when we face with a plan like the one I'm introducing you next we just jump over the moon and book our agendas!

Estrella Damm, a brand beer, organized last month a tapas tour in Barcelona called "De tapes per...". It consists on stopping by listed restaurants in the city and trying the combo tapas + beer that has got an especial price for this occasion. Not all the restaurants are listed in this tour. And here comes the funny thing: you can feel you are in a “Treasure route” finding them all! 

All you have to do is printing the city map with the restaurants participating in the route marked with a number. 

Then, in the back of the map, you find the list number of places, their addresses and the tapa they are offering.
Yes, you cannot order any tapa but the one in the combo. 

And here is the second funny thing: the reason-why of the single tapa is because it is a tapas contest! HURRA! Come on, tell me, isn't it fun? What you should do is asking for a paper in the restaurant / bar and vote for the tapa you eat. Then, after 4 tapas, place your paper in the urn that you will find at any bar and wait for the contest result. 
This time it was a smartphone so let's see if I win! :P

We really had a great time and it is an amazing opportunity to try new combination of ingredients and, also, to find out new places we hardly knew they exist in our city.

It seems that they organize this activity during the whole year in many other cities in Catalonia, so stay tuned through their Facebook / Twitter.

Here is our tapas selection (sorry about the quality of the pictures, some places had really poor light):

Slices of octopus on roasted pepper with sweet onion, cherry tomato and rosemary oil cream
Pl. de Santa Maria, 4
08003 Barcelona

Tartare of beef with caramelized onions and pine nuts with Estrella Damm 
C/ d'Ataülf, 18
08002 Barcelona

Bluefin tuna tataki with tomato coulis and citrus marmalade
Av. de la Catedral, 6-8
08002 Barcelona

Crispy cannelloni stuffed with wild mushrooms with walnuts, gorgonzola and blue cheese foam and porto reduction with figs
C/ Montsió, 5
08002 Barcelona


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