Wrapped dates with bacon :: Dátiles con bacon

When the winter approaches we don't stop having our "aperitivo" before lunch if we stay at home. Beer is replaced with wine and olives and cockles with something warm and less light. And here I'm bringing you my FAVOURITE tapa / snack in the entire world!

It might be a very popular one and many of you might be cooking it long time ago but it was my mom who I saw cooking it for the first time. 

Ingredients (14 pieces)

  • 7 slices of bacon 
  • 14 dates 
  • 14 wood sticks 
  • 2 spoons of olive oil


Grab the bacon and wrap the date inside. We always buy natural bacon (commonly called in Spain "panceta"), but you can always use the plain smoked one that you can find at any supermarket. I have measured that you make 2 wrapped dates with 1 slice of bacon. However, depending on the length of the bacon, you can make one more or less. So before, take 1 slice, grab 1 date and make sure how many wrapping you can make.

Now, stick the bacon with the date with a wood stick. Make sure you leave a little bit of bacon after each lap so it will stick better.
Heat the olive oil to medium temperature and fry the wrapped dates with bacon. And here is the main difference. I know people that cook first the dates and then wrap all of them with the bacon and fry everything together. It is too much for me not only because it is re-fry everything twice but also because it is too oily! I want to feel I am eating healthier hehe!
When the bacon is browned remove from heat and display them in a paper towel to get rid of the excess of olive oil.

And that’s it! Super tasty crunchy wrapped dates with bacon ready to be served :)


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