Egg on a potato drum :: Huevo frito sobre timbal de patata

Nice leather jackets, high heeled shoes, luxury jewelry, we all like wearing nice things from time to time but, let's be honest: our daily life is based on basics. And the same happens with food. However, basics can sometimes mean repetitive boring meals and we don't like that, am I right?

Today this is our goal and we are going to cook basic ingredients in a palatable nice way.

Ingredients (2 people)

  • 500 gr of potatos 
  • 60 gr of chorizo
  • 50 gr of of bacon
  • 1 spoon of paprika
  • 2 eggs

First of all, peel the potatos, cut them into pieces and boil for 15 minutes until they soften. 

Carefully strain them and display in a deep plate. Grab a fork and smash the potatos until you get a puré. 
Put it aside and let's go for the next step.

Since chorizo is too oily I usually recommend using a plastic board instead of a wooden one to cut the product on it. Otherwise, the duty of cleaning can be a little bit boring.
Cut a nice piece of chorizo and right away chop it. Now, do the same with the bacon.

This time ( as I did with the goat cheese, apple and bacon appetizer) I bought it already cut in small strips so I saved one step ;)

Put a little bit of olive oil in a pan and fry the chorizo and the bacon for 2 minutes. As I mentioned before, chorizo is oily enough to safe adding extra oil in this dish. When frying you will notice that the meat will leave its own oil so it will be enough for the cooking.
Once you see the chorizo has got a golden look, add the paprika and mix for 1-2 minutes. 

Do not leave the mixture in the pan for too long or the paprika will stick in the pan and will get burnt. Right away after 1 minute, add the smashed potato and mix until the paprika gives the red color to the potato. 

In another pan fry the 2 eggs separately. 
Cooks always say that besides making a tasty dish you have to focus on the presentation and, ladies and gentlemen we all know that WE EAT FROM OUR EYES. From this recipe you can see I have used basic ingredients that you can easily find in your pantry. They key is giving them a nice look. In this occasion we bought a mold to make it look nice (yes, I was behind this little metal thing for too long now!).
Display the mold in the plate you are going to serve the food. Fill it in half way. Put the metal ring away and crown the potato cake with an egg on top.

Now you have a tasty good looking chorizo and potato cake to enjoy your meals!


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