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We have celebration today! I am super excited because our blog is 1 year old (yes, our baby hehe!). And because we write about our Spanish Kitchenette, there isn't anything better than making a 100% spanish party!

When I firstly started this blog I thought I would give up after 6 months. Not because of my lack of interest about writing and posting the recipes I cook but because of managing my 8 hour full time job + my free time at weekends + begging my boyfriend to translate them into swedish ;) However, WE DID IT!

I have to say GRACIAS ! THANKS! TACK SA MYCKET! To all of you who read me daily, weekly, from time to time but READ our blog. It is a pleasure to recieve comments from you, to see how many people from all over the world (hi there!) read our blog and to share our daily kitchen life with you through Twitter and Facebook. Because of that, and because I love parties, we are going on celebration!!

Allright and when I think about Spain + party, TAPAS just come directly to my mind (and wine and beer but it is too early to think about it ;). What if you get at home a nice Box From Spain with spanish food to celebrate a party? 

So that's what YOU CAN WIN TODAY in Spanish Kitchenette.
How many of you are living abroad and missing your country home coffee? What about your favourite candies? Box From Spain's mission is bringing to your house the original spanish products no matter how far you are from Spain. And, I can tell you, they do not only send food but FEELINGS to your house :)

So the team from Box From Spain (you can follow them on Facebook and Twitter) made this SPECIAL BOX WITH SPANISH FOOD FOR YOU:

The box contains:
1 string of CHORIZO "Serrano"
2 packs of JAMON SERRANO "Espuña" (spanish ham)
1 bottle of EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL D.O "Valdeolivas"
1 can of spanish tuna "Consorcio"
6 bags of cocoa powder "Colacao"

IF YOU WANT TO WIN this box the ONLY thing you have to do is telling me: 

>> What dish would you cook with the ingredients from the box? (no need to use all of them at once!)

Leave your answer in the comment box below. The most original answer will win this Box (no, you don't have to follow me on Twiter or Facebook to win the giveaway but it is always cool having new guests at home, so you are more than welcomed!). Do not forget to write your email adress (it will keep private) as this will be the way I will contact you if you have been the winner.

TERMS OF CONDITIONS: Be cause the box contains some products based on meat we can't send the box worldwide. Check the countries below that take part in the contest. However, you can always participate and give it away for someone else you know! Bear with us, it is our first giveaway. If it works, I will do my best for another one wolrdwide! (specially USA & Russia, Hi readers! :)
Countries: Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Denmark, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, UK, Czech Republic, Romania and Sweden.

This post is not sponsored, However Box From Spain fixed this box specially for us and I have to say THANK YOU, GRACIAS !
If you want to contact Box From Spain go here


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