Cooking Gadgets II: Boc'n' Roll

Eight years ago I workmate said to me: "My kids can't take their sandwiches wrapped in aluminium foil anymore". I was: "WHAT?!? Do they forbid it?". And the answer was: "YES".

I was kind of shocked. Forbidden? So yes, the school just sent a note to the parents and announced: "From now on, your kids must bring their sandwiches in reusable bags. If we find any kid bringing aluminium foil to the school, they will bring it back home."

This was a step to encourage concern for the environment and educate little boys and girls on being "eco-friendly".

Casually by that time (yes, it all happened at the same time!) my mom came to me with: "Look what I got you, you are going to love it". Yes: "Welcome to the Roll’eat universe".

And here it is what mom got me by that time:

Absolutely, I LOVED IT! I remember I was the coolest girl in the office bringing my sandwich in this new bag. 
Boc'n' roll is an environmentally friendly sandwich wrap that has got the COOLEST DESING EVER. You can carry in almost everything. It doesn't leak, closes perfectly and you can wash as many time as you wan. I have been using it for many years and it is still kind of new!

Most of these kind of wraps have been always made for kids or with teen designs and, you know, I was in my 20's when I got it and it wasn't fun at all bringing tigers and balloons patterns to my office.

Boc'n roll is

And also, it is a Spanish company which I'm totally in love with. They have got plenty of other eco-friendly products that you can buy. Do not miss their website. I'm actually thinking of my next self-gift which is going to be Eat'n out bag 

Isn't the best way to dress your sandwiches?

"Reuse and reenjoy"  it, Spanish Kitchenetters!

NOTE: this post is not sponsorship. I just posted because I LOVE the product :-)

Roll'eat website: http://www.rolleat.com/
Roll'eat Twitter: https://www.facebook.com/ReuseAndReenjoy.Rolleat
Roll'eat Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ReuseAndReenjoy.Rolleat
Pictures by Roll'eat


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