Roasted radishes :: Rábanos asados

When you have an orchard and you just let things grow (you know, the same way it happened centuries ago before we all wanted to make things grow faster and eat food out of the season) you might end up with loads of the same item at the same time.

And yes, we planted radishes and TONES of radishes came up. Too many to be able to eat it in my salads at least you don't want to be a rabbit for 2 weeks or so. Since I didn't want to throw them away (friends, NEVER EVER throw food away), I searched for a recipe to cook them some way and I found this one from DIRECTO AL PALADAR and I got inspired ! (I changed a few things though)

It is a very special side dish for your meat (I wouldn't match it with fish since it is too veggie).

  • 1 kg of radishes (I said they were too many haha!)
  • 30 cl of olive oil
  • Oregano
  • Parsley
  • Black pepper
Food from the orchard comes out kind of dirty. By dirty I mean with ground, so the first thing I did is putting the radishes under the water for a quick wash. 
Cut the stems from the top and the bottom to end up with a clean pinkish small ball.
Then, put all the radishes in a container and soak them into water. Leave them for a couple of minutes and strain. In the same strainer, water them once again to make sure you get rid of the ground. If you need to repeat the process, do it, we don't want to eat ground ;)

Now, cut the clean radishes in four pieces to make them smaller and easier to be eaten, and display them in a crystal platter. 
As for the seasoning, we are going to put the olive oil, the oregano, the parsley and the black pepper in a small bowl and mix it all together. Leave it for 15' aprox. to let the flavorings permeate. 
The amount of condiments will depend on how much you like them. I personally put few pepper but a lot of oregano.

Spread the oily mixture on the radishes and introduce them into the oven, previously heated at 180oC. 
Cook them for 30 minutes. You will notice they are done when the intensity of the pink color lowers.

Here you have a healthy side dish for your meals! You see it is special and different, why not to try this out? ;)


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