Salmon cubes :: Cubos de salmón

"Order anything you can't, you don't dare or you don't feel like cooking at home.

This statement might sound a little bit as I was from the countryside but it works perfectly to me when I step in a restaurant. In my opinion, this is the chance to taste way too many interesting food and dishes.

However, sometimes it just about mixing simple food with simple ingredients and make it taste scrumptious. Actually this recipe is one of these dishes that we had in a restaurant and as simple as it is I'm cooking it myself to bring it to your kitchen. Enjoy!

Ingredients (2 people)

Unpack the salmon loin and display it on a board. With a sharp knife, cut symmetrical cubs (2-3 cm each). With my 130 gr of salmon I cut 6 cubes.
Now, grab the plate you want to serve in and, carefully, lay the mustard. You don't necessarily have to make a straight line because we are going to spread throughout the plate with a cooking brush. I chose a small brush because I wanted to be more precise.

Nicely, set the salmon exactly on the mustard thick line. Delicately, grab few grains of salt and display on each salmon cube. I personally add enough salt so don't be afraid, you can always remove it from the top in case you feel it tastes too salty.

And that's it! An elegant, chic appetizer for your menus. Plus you eat fish which is always good for your body ;-)


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