Fantasy in your plate :: Fantasía en tu plato

Do you know the saying "a picture is worth a thousand words"? So it works also for meals. 

How many times we have been in a restaurant and said " oh, I want the same that this person is having". And you didn't even know what it was! It is because we eat through our eyes first and then through our memory: what we like and what we don't.

Bear in mind that if these situations repeat with of all of us, adult people, imagine with kids! They don't know what lettuce is and its benefits. They just like or dislike it. However, if you draw a palm tree with lettuce, wouldn't they like it no matter what is made of?

It is exactly what Samantha Lee does. She is a food artist. She started making food art when she was pregnant with her second daughter and wanted to encourage her elder daughter to eat independently.
She brings any fantasy world to the plate not matter what ingredients or food she uses.

I promise that if I ever have the time and the strength, I will prepare my future kids meals as Samantha Lee does.

 Pictures by Samantha Lee

Tell me, wouldn't you love to be honored by these dishes?


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