Beauty in the kitchen II :: Belleza en la cocina II

Do you remember my natural homemade skin scrub taken directly from my kitchen? 
Make sure to use it once or twice per week (I mainly use it for my face). So today is about your lips.

Today I'm bringing you an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G lip scrub. I am telling you: I had never scrubbed my lips before. But I was feeling them quite dry and pale lately, although using lip balm daily so I had to find out a solution (rather than buying more and more lip balms!).
I surfed around the internet and there are tones of videos suggesting this magic tip. And as you can imagine: all the ingredients come from the kitchen!


- 10 ml of brown sugar
- 5 ml of honey



Choose a small container to pour the honey. 

Right away add the sugar and mix all together. You need to end up with quite compact dough. If it is too liquid add more sugar and mix again. 

Then, introduce the lip scrub in a closed jar. You can save some of it in a small pot in your bathroom to use before the night when having your daily face cleaning routine. I usually keep all the sample pots some cosmetics stores give me such as The Body Shop, Be+, etc. In this case I used a TBS one. 

Clean it carefully and fill it in with some of the scrub.

Now it is ready to be used! Pick a small quantity of scrub with your ring finger and spread all over your lips. Scrub them with a little massage for 1 minute and wash it off. 

Mind you that using as natural honey as possible it is very important (for me!) because your lips will "eat" for a little while. We tend to buy directly from small manufacturers. This time we bought ours in Lanjarón, Granada: Alpu-Miel honey brand.

Hope you liked this small tip and let me know if it works for you too!


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