Artichoke chips :: Virutas de alcachofa

I am really proud of our orchard. It gave us 5 artichokes yesterday so the only thing I thought about was cooking them as soon as possible.

The recipe I'm posting today is from my mother in law. It is perfect as appetizer, tapa or side dish. You know, vegetables are always perfect options for almost everything!


  • 5 artichokes
  • 25 cl of cold water
  • 60 gr of flour
  • 150 ml ofolive oil

Bringing food directly from the orchard means washing them thoroughly before eating mainly because of the grounds and small insects it might contain. Do it and after that we will mend them.

Cut the stems and get rid off the stiff leaves.

Grab the artichokes and wash them again. Now, it comes the "dainty part". With a very sharp knife make 6-7 slices for each part. Be careful not making them too thick. This process would be easier and more accurate with a mandolin but, we haven't got any so let's go for good quality knives ;-)
Once you are done with it, prepare a mixture with the cold water and the flour previously sifted. The colder the water and the sifter the flour, the better. So take your time with both steps otherwise the result won't be the expected one (I personally buy special flour which is already sifted). Mix the ingredients and you will end up having liquid dough.

Now, heat the olive oil. Then, soak each artichoke chip in the dough and put it directly in the hot oil. Fry it for a 2 minutes, or until they get a golden colour, and place it on a towel paper.

Do the same with the rest of the artichokes.

And, voilĂ ! You have got the perfect crunchy veggie chips. Perfect to go with a glass of cold white wine ;-)


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