Eggs on a ham tulip :: Huevos sobre una tulipa de jamón

Months ago I saw this recipe on the internet and thought how classy and elegant these basic products where showed off. 

It is only eggs and ham but this lovely presentation feels as you were eating the most glamorous dish.


Ingredients (2 units)
  • 4 sliced of Ham
  • 2 Eggs
  • 3 leaves of Basil
  • Black pepper
  • Minced garlic 


Choose a mold to make the tulips. I grabbed a silicone mold because it is easier to unmold. As I did, you can use your cupcakes mold ;-) 
Add a drop of olive oil (or a littl bit of butter) on each mold and spread all over the little container so the ham will not stick.
Now, cover each cup with 2 slices of ham. Make sure it is fully covered; otherwise the egg will spread all around (mine did...). 
Quickly, break the eggs into the ham cups and put them right away into the oven, which has been previously preheated at 200oC. Bake them for 13 minutes.
Meanwhile, chop the basil.
After 13 minutes, take off the baking tray and let the eggs and ham tulips cool down a little bit. You can take advantage of these minutes by season it with basil, black pepper and garlic.
Unmold when you feel you are not going to burn your hands and you will be ready to eat them !

Hope you enjoyed this recipe and, by the way, I am sorry for not mentioning the font where I took this recipe from but I cannot remember it!


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