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We are all pleased with a good looking dish in our table. The same recipe with different presentation has one different effect to our eyes.

Children might be the most affected by this. Remember that adding some fantasy to their plates, might make the eating process more enjoyable. In front of this, adult beings are not as impressed as children are (basically because most of us don't know the most famous character on TV!)

However, if I talk to you about The Olympics Games or a good Margarita cocktail you will know what I am talking about, am I right?

So that's what Lauren Purnell makes. She is a culinary artist that has been creating clever art out of food for her CULINARY CANVAS project. 
Fifa World Cup 2014   Olympic Vegetable Rings. 

Chameleon.   Sunflower. 

Cinco de Mayo!   Tulips.
Bell peppers, parsley, mint leaves 

Papillon.   Sea Turtle. 
Swedish version here

What dish would you choose? They are appeling to me, whether if I like lettuce or I don't ;-)

Follow her on:
Website: Culinary Canvas 
Twitter: lopurnell
Instagram: lopurnell

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