Rice with milk :: Arroz con leche

Many of tourist or foreigners wonder what is the typical Spanish dish. As a Spaniard, it is really hard to me choosing just one but when it comes to desserts it is easier.

Arroz con leche (rice with milk) is one of the most popular desserts in Spain. It is not glamorous or good looking. You won't find it in the trendiest restaurants of the city but in the 9€ menu many traditional Spanish restaurant offer in their tables. If you know how to cook, it is the tastiest dessert ever.

My grandmother used to make it incredibly good. And I am here to share the recipe with you all :-)

Ingredients (2 people)
  • 75 gr. of rice
  • 1/2 l. of milk
  • 35 gr of sugar
  • 70 gr. of cream
  • Lemon peel
  • Cinnamon

Chose a pot and empty in the rice, the sugar and the cream.

Then, add the lemon peel and a little bit of cinnamon. If you are not too keen on cinnamon, use only a little bit because, later on, you will be able to add some extra if you feel like. Then, pour the milk and bring it to slow cook.
It will take at least 30 minutes until it is well cooked. At that point you can either leave it for few minutes more or remove from the heat depending on how soupy you like to eat it. I personally like it quite dense so it took me 45 minutes to make the rice.

Once done, put the pot aside and empty the rice with milk on the containers you want to serve them. Cover each container with a plastic wrap using the technique I already use with my carrot croquettes recipe and put in the fridge.

  Serve it cold and spread a little bit of more cinnamon on top if you like it :)

Enjoy another 100% typical Spanish dessert!


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