La Toga - Murcia

Stepping in a bar in Murcia means to me eating at the counter, to matter if there isn't a stool to sit down. Counters are life: they invite to chit chat with any costumer, ask for food recommendations to the bartender, check how they fix your dish, see who comes in and who comes out. Be part of the bar life indeed.

Last time I was in Murcia I decided to move out from La Plaza de las Flores, where is my must-have area to have amazing tapas. We decided to try new spots and we ended up in La Toga.

La Toga is a bar close to the Law University and it is funny because Toga means judge robe in Spanish. It is the typical university tapas bar but more stylish to the point that you don't find the noisy bar plenty of students speaking up a lot and you don't feel like a foreigner inside (mainly because of the age difference between costumers).

Besides all these good points, you can find the three most valuable one: variety, quality and prize. The counter is plenty of different small beats that you can directly choose from (from 1 to 2€). They are meanly the quickest and cheapest to eat. However, if you feel like hot tapas and higher quality, you can go to most expensive ones such as solomillo (I highly recommend it!) which might cost 4€, which isn't expensive at all!

As you can imagine, we had LOTS of tapas, always watering ourselves with cold delicious beer. Here is a small picture album of all the dishes we had:

Selection of tapas

                           Marinera, one of the most popular tapa in Murcia base on tuna salad with anchovy

Estrella de Levante is the beer from Murcia and it is produced in the same city.

In my opinion, they key of this bar is offering good quality tapas in a nice ambient for little prize. They care abut rotation rather than margin and, ladies and gentlemen, in nowadays economical situation, this is one of the next business plan.

La Toga
Plaza Universidad, 1 bajo
Telf.: +34 868 940 895
La Toga (Tripadvisor)


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